St. Paul Congregation Council 2015-2016 Council Chairpersons

Contact: 732 349 0871

President David Leunig
Vice President Ronald Geiger
Secretary Edna Hecht
Treasurer Lynn Victorio

Council Members / Ministries

Evangelism Ronald Geiger
Fellowship Nancy Koplin
Finance Herbert Boyd
Learning Mindy D’Addario
Mutual Ministry Barbara Raney
Social Ministry Roger Zimany
Stewardship Steve Lindemann
Property Steve Groh
Worship and Music Barbara Devlin

We thank each of these individuals for the willingness to assume leadership roles in the parish.

A Word From Our President

A Commitment to Shared Leadership

St. Paul Lutheran Church has interdependent leadership through it’s congregation and many organizations. Each expression works together under the guidance of the pastor, church assembly and church council to insure a strong foundation of leadership that enables faithful proclamation of the gospel and expressive worship, community involvement, open dialogue and a culture of support for all of it’s members.

In these challenging times, we come together to be a church that is faithful yet changing. Do you feel called to become a leader of this church? St. Paul offers opportunities to share in God’s work through it’s many committees, outreach programs, support to community and global concerns. We need aware, caring and courageous people – young and old – to serve. We need passionate, joy-filled and adventurous people who want to bring healing hope to our members. We need you. Can you give one hour or more of your time and many talents?

Something keeps pulling us to do this ministry together. It won’t let us go. It keeps us pressing, keeps us recommitting and keeps us at the table. I believe it is God’s spririt at work among us.

Look around our church and see the many things that have been started, completed and what may still need to be done. This fall we are starting many programs and activities within the church. Don’t just sit and watch from the outside – why not take a step forward and try something new?

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, bit I can still do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.

Edward Hale, 1922

Thank you for your faithful and caring support.

David Leunig Your Council President