diakonia at St. Paul

Contact: Walter Meislohn, 732 341 0103
Pam donovan, 732 240 3752

Have you been searching for the chance to redirect your energies and begin to take your understanding of your faith to the next level? Then the diakonia Program, about to begin it’s third year at St. Paul Church, is “just waht the doctor ordered”.

What is the diakonia program? diakonia is a two year process of spiritual formation and theological education for baptized members of the Lutheran Church. the process occurs in three basic ways:

  • By thorough grounding in the classic seminary disciplines of practical, systemic, historical and Biblical theology;
  • By identifying particular skills and aptitudes in ministry and encouraging their use in the local parish;
  • by providing spiritual growth through worship, retreats and a sportive community of fellow students, pastor-mentors and instructors.

These are the tools diakonia uses to help equip God’s people for service in parish and neighborhood ministries. The primary theme and focus of the diakonia experience is the word of Jesus in scripture: “Let the one who would be great among you be your servant (daikonos, Greek) Mark 10.

The diakonia curriculum consists of twelve courses, six per academic year. Each course is five sessions in length and meets weekly for three hour sessions. The St. Paul location will begin for 2012 – 2013 on Sept. 26 with the course entitled, Introduction tot he Old Testament”.

All of the students and graduates of the diakonia will tell you that they have grown tremendously through this opportunity to deepen their life of faith and hope, to grow closer to the image and example of Christ the servant, and to be more comfortable in bearing witness in word and deed about the good news of Jesus Christ. (see article to the right). If you are interested in joining diakonia, or would like additional information about the program, please contact one of St. Paul’s Co-leaders, Walter Meislohn 732 605 5636 or Pam Donovan 732 349 0871.